Dry Ice Blasting is a newer, more convenient technology available today for cleaning electrical components.  Lange & Leaman Electric provides dry ice blasting throughout the state of Michigan.  A summary of its many applications and advantages is provided below.  If you would like more information on dry ice blasting, give us a call at 989-497-8620.  We'll be happy to answer any questions or give you a quote.  View or print a full color brochure here.

Cryogenic Blasting, also known as Dry Ice Blasting, is a technology in which rice size pellets of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) are propelled in high velocity air stream to impact and clean a surface.

The combined impact energy and low temperature (-110 deg. F) of CO2 particles produces a thermal-kinetic effect that removes contaminants and coatings from the inside out, causing the contaminants to fall off, as opposed to the chiseling, abrasive effects of grit blasting. As the dry ice pellets impact the surface, they instantaneously dissipate as a moisture free gas and return to the atmosphere, leaving no residual blast media, thus elimination entrapment and additions to the waste stream. Therefore the only cleanup is the contaminants.

Additionally, the dry nature of dry ice cleaning allows for on site cleaning of electrical components and eliminates the need for drying prior to reenergizing electrical apparatus.

Dry Ice Blasting has various applications including:
  • Mold Cleaning--from rubber and plastic surfaces; HDPE and PET containers; and reaction foam.
  • Electrical Equipment--motors, windings and armatures; switch gears; transformers; sub-stations; and circuit boards.
  • Foundry--core boxes, including screens; and permanent aluminum molds.
  • Automotive Parts--manufacturing and assembly; equipment cleaning; robotic welding equipment; painting systems cleaning; mold cleaning; tire/rim assembly equipment; rubber from test and alignment equipment; and windshield and body sealants.
  • Baking & Food Processing--baking ovens; wafer oven plates; and conveyors and mixers.
  • Printing--press cleaning; gears, decks, and guides; and anilox rolls.
  • Aviation (FAA Approved)--landing gear; brake components; and engine cleaning.
  • General Maintenance & Compliance Cleaning--surface preparation for inspection and testing; plant and equipment (complete removal of oil, grease, adhesives, etc.); fire restoration; and mold remediation (black mold).

The benefits of  dry ice blasting can be summarized into six general areas:

Benefit 1 - Decreased Downtime Through Cleaning In Place

Before: Oily, mill dust, sticky accumulations cause outages and TIME to correct - when you can find the problem

After: CO2 cleaning all surfaces, even cling area clean and trouble free. The proper use of CO2 cleaning systems provided the best possible clean surface in the shortest possible time and the lowest possible cost to Eliminate unplanned electrical outages.
Typical cleaning procedures require that the equipment be disassembled and moved to an assigned area for proper cleaning. That is not the case with dry ice blasting. Equipment can be cleaned in-place and hot in most situations. Because of that, many time consuming, labor-intensive steps, which were required with other methods such as sand blasting, can be eliminated including:

  • Cool down
  • Disassembly
  • Transport of the equipment to and from a dedicated cleaning area
  • Reassembly
  • Reheating time
  • Dry ice blasting can shorten the downtime for cleaning from days down to hours.

Benefit 2 - Faster and More Thorough Cleaning
With dry ice blasting, a superior cleaning can be achieved while reducing hours while compared to scrubbing with abrasive pads or wire brushes. A tremendous labor savings is accomplished. In addition, the dry ice blasting method cleans in crevices that can't be reached by hand. As a result, equipment runs more efficiently and potential leaks are revealed, possibly preventing major failures.

Benefit 3 - Elimination of Equipment Damage
Cleaning methods such as sandblasting have an aggressive and abrasive effect on the surface. They can actually remove part of the surface, changing the structure considerably. Dry ice is nonabrasive to surfaces and does not change a surface's structure. It lifts the contaminants away. Secondly, because equipment can now be cleaned in-place, potential damage from moving equipment to and from a dedicated cleaning area is eliminated.

Benefit 4 - Reduction or Elimination of Solvents
No Solvents are sued when using CO2 pellets. This can be a critical need from certain companies in order to comply with environmental regulation or to improve worker safety. There are no issues pertaining to toxicity.

Benefit 5 - Reductions in Waste Disposal
With other cleaning methods, whether it is with solvents, sand blasting or some other means, the cleaning agent becomes a secondary contaminant and must be disposed of as toxic waste along with the primary contaminant. However, with dry ice blasting because of the CO2 pellet vaporizes upon contact, the only waste created is the contaminant itself. This alone can result in significant waste reduction.

Benefit 6 - Increased Safety
CO2 blasting pellets are non-toxic, non-hazardous creating advantages to the environment, your employees, and production facility:

  • No secondary waste
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe for employees
  • Safe for end products Safe for equipment

Dry Ice Blasting has numerous applications and advantages over the more conventional cleaning processes used today.  And Lange & Leaman Electric is equipped to provide quality service throughout the state of Michigan.  For more information on Dry Ice Blasting, or to schedule service, call Lange & Leaman at (989) 497-8620.
Dry Ice Blasting
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